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Artisanal goat cheese - Lingotto

Artisanal goat cheese - Lingotto

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The tradition of producing goat cheese is deeply rooted in Ossola Valley. Indeed, ovines adapt easily to steep slopes and to wild places like those of our valleys.

The producer follows the entire productive cycle from the breeding to the aging process of cheese wheels.

The exclusivity of this product lies in the production method, which is artisanal, traditional and composed of few cheese wheels pro year.


The milk is produced in the neighbouring areas of the dairy farm. Once it is brought to 43 degrees and once the rennet is formed, it is cut in grains as large as a hazelnut. Afterwards the curd is broken up in fine grains and cooked for 10 minutes until it is ready to be shaped like a gold bar. The aging process lasts 60 days.

Organoleptic properties:

its texture is elastic and smooth. Its colour is pale yellow but tends to white. Its flavour is decise, delicate and palate-filling.

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